FAQ for Clubs

Frequently Answered Questions

Do you collect payment from the customer or is it just an unpaid reservation? Both! We are extremely flexible and will pass you reservations whatever way makes sense for your nightclub operations. We suggest opting in for the pre-paid reservation option, as we see a 30% increase spend on the initial reservation, compared to the same customer working through a promoter or walking up to the club.

How are reservations made by the customer and received by the club? Do you connect directly to a CRM, table management solution? Customers book through our app, and then an email and/or text is sent directly to the assigned point of contact(s) at the club.

What is the cancelation policy? All sales are final. We do try our best, however, to ensure all parties have a great experience and will communicate with both the clients and nightclubs to accomplish this.

How do customers receive pricing? We list your table sections on the app. You also get the option to list your bottle service menu. We make the menu interactive and beautiful, so customers can add bottles to satisfy the select tables minimum spend requirement. By listing your table sections and club menu, you'll get the most from our service, like an increase customer spend.

How do we update you on pricing if we increase? We provide you with an online dashboard, that is accessible from desktop of mobile. You can manage reservations, table sections and pricing from this dashboard.

How are fees and gratuity added? Even with the customer paying at your venue, at the final checkout screen, tax and gratuity are clearly labeled and added to the final total for the selected package or table section. This is customizable, to stay consistent with your current fee structure.

Can we list our custom bottle packages that are unique to BottlesTonight? If you do not want to do the bottle order feature, because you feel this will limit the customer and don’t want any communication errors. You can list custom bottle packages that are unique to BottlesTonight and allow the customer to purchase anything they want after the packages. We can list bottle packages and/or table sections without a menu.

How will payment for tables be handled? For unpaid reservations: We place a hold for a percentage of the table minimum/bottle package price on the client's card. This ensures that they show up for the reservation. Upon successful check-in at your venue, the hold will be released and you will collect the payment card. We will provide you with a W-9 to collect our commission on the total table spend. For pre-paid reservations: We capture the entire payment and you instantly get this money in your bank account. We will provide you with a W-9 to collect our commission on any additional spend outside of the pre-paid BottlesTonight reservation.

How are chargebacks handled? If we do not handle the pre-payment, we are not responsible for chargebacks. Otherwise, we have very high tech fraud software to ensure nobody gets served who would charge back. Only high quality guests, but if for some reason one slips through the cracks, we take full responsibility and our customer service department takes action.