Frequently Answered Questions

How do I reserve a table?

Tables are free to reserve on BottlesTonight. In order to reserve a club table, you must commit to spending a specified amount on bottles while at the club. At some Dayclubs, food can also be included in your total spend.

The price listed on each table is called a table minimum. By reserving a table, you commit to spending at least the listed amount. Table minimums are set by clubs and can vary based on how many people are in your group, male vs. female group ratio, and when demand increases or decreases. The better table locations in a club correlate with higher table minimums. Better tables typically have higher table capacities, increasing the amount of people that get VIP table access and treatment under your reservation. You must take in to account the per bottle price, which varies at each club, to determine how far your reserved minimum spend will go.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, minimums typically do not include tax, tip and other venue related fees.

How do I add my group to guest lists?

Guests lists are free to signup for on BottlesTonight, but you must abide by the guest lists terms. This includes, but is not limited to getting in line by a certain time and having a certain male to female ratio in your group.

How do I purchase tickets?

When you select a ticket entry option on BottlesTonight, you'll be brought to a 3rd party ticket provider page where you can view all available ticket options and complete your ticket purchase.

Are there additional fees beyond the reserved table minimum?

Unless you have reserved a special "all in pricing" promotion package, clubs will add a tip, tax and service fee to your total bill at the end of the night. In some cases, club hosts may ask for partial or full pre-payment or a credit card authorization to hold your reservation.

Can I select my table location?

You can select the section you’d like to sit in. Exact table locations within your reserved section are determined by the club at time of check in.

What are the benefits of reserving a VIP bottle service table on BottlesTonight?

When reserving a VIP bottle service table on BottlesTonight you are paired with a club host who will review your reservation request and coordinate your groups arrival. Your host will meet you at the front door of the club and your group will get expedited skip line entry. At your table, you'll have a dedicated table space, server, and great view of the club and DJ. BottlesTonight VIP bottle service is the best way to experience any nightclub.

Do I pay on BottlesTonight?

No. In some cases our club hosts may ask you for a credit card authorization, partial deposit or full payment. This usually happens only at the most in-demand clubs on busy nights. In most cases after reserving your bottle service table on BottlesTonight, you’ll pay the club directly at the end of your service experience.